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Do you Need a Prenuptial Agreement?

If you wish to protect your assets and are in a relatively new relationship then – Yes!

Couples just starting out can outline not only the financial responsibilities of each should they separate but who will get what.

You may not have the assets that Charlie Sheen has but the assets that you do have are important. If you end up in the Family Court, a prenuptial agreement will help you to protect those assets that you have worked hard for.

A prenuptial agreement is an investment. These agreements allow you to plan in advance what will happen to your assets should you and your partner separate.

What Prenuptial Agreements Cover

Prenuptial agreements cover such things as:
  • how a your assets and money would be divided in the event of a breakup
  • the financial support (maintenance) of either party (during the marriage and/or after divorce)
  • any other issues that relate more specifically to your relationship.

What Makes A Prenuptial Agreement Binding

For a prenuptial agreement to be binding it has to meet certain criteria. We would suggest that these criteria are a good reason why you would want a reputable and experience family lawyer draft these agreements. Conditions that determine how binding a prenuptial agreement is are:
  • how the agreement affects each partner's rights
  • the advantage or disadvantage to each
  • whether both agree it is fair.
For more information on prenuptial agreements see the Queensland Government family law website.


De facto couples and Prenuptial Agreements

If you are in a de facto relationship and you do not wish to marry, however you would like to protect your assets too, then we can draft a similar document for you called a Cohabitation Agreement.

Cohabitation Agreements also outline who will get what asset in the event that the relationship goes pear-shaped. These Agreements can address assets that need to be sold, transferred and even spousal maintenance. To get started with your Prenuptial or Cohabitation Agreement, send us an enquiry or call us now on 1300 768 719.

even happy couples can benefit from prenuptial agreements
Even happy couples can benefit from prenuptial agreements