Collaborative Law

Don't let your children suffer. Resolve your family law issues without going to Court. Use Collaborative Law.

Collaborative law is an innovative way to resolve family law disputes respectfully, without going to Court. Marie Fedorov is a Collaborative Family Lawyer on the Gold Coast who can help you to have an easier divorce.

Collaborative law offers separating couples a way to resolve issues about parenting arrangements and property settlement without going to Court. The parties have the advantage of having their own Lawyer assist them in four way meetings (ie the Lawyers and parties meet together). The meetings and the matters discussed in those meetings are completely open with the parties undertaking to co-operate, share information and work together towards a mutually agreeable settlement with the assistance of their Lawyers.

What is the basis of Collaborative Law?

The core elements arise from a participation agreement or collaborative contract which the parties and the Lawyers all sign at the first collaborative four way meeting.

The collaborative contract provides that everyone will work towards reaching an agreement and will transparently participate in in the process good faith.

The agreement provides that the Lawyers will not be able to continue to act for their Clients if the process fails. The downside for the parties is that if one of them elects to go to Court or the process fails for other reasons then they will have to invest in more time and expense to engage new Lawyers and obtain other expert reports. The Lawyers are therefore focused on helping the parties reach an agreement and to negotiate a mutually acceptable settlement without having Courts decide issues.

How can I start the process?

Most importantly you need to engage a Collaborative Lawyer. Collaborative Lawyers have received special training.

Talk to your partner/spouse about collaborative law and encourage them to see the advantages for your family.

You don't have to go to Court! Simply call, email or book on line to arrange for an appointment with us. The information you receive will help you decide on the best way to move your family forward.

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