Divorce No - Or Pay The Courts $500 Extra!

Did you know that as of 1st July 2019 the fee for filing for Divorce is going up?

You may have divided up your property and made arrangements for your kids after you separated from your former partner but have you applied for a Divorce yet?

Divorce No - Or Pay The Courts $500 Extra!

It may seem like just a piece of paper but there are many benefits to getting the Divorce such as:

  • Divorce can be symbolic and therapeutic. The piece of paper actually helps people accept that the relationship is at an end and that its time to move on;
  • Divorce can close the door to one chapter and open the door to another and who doesn’t want to make room for the new;
  • Divorce can ensure that your children benefit from your estate when you die and not your husband/wife;
  • Applying for Divorce NOW means that you will pay a much lower filing fee

Yours Sincerely

Marie Fedorov | DIRECTOR

FEDOROV Family Lawyers

If you wait until after 1 July 2019, you will pay almost $500 more to the Court to file your Divorce Application as the filing fees are about to increase.

So to save some money, close that old chapter and make room for new exciting things to come call our office and we will prepare your Divorce Application for you so that you don’t have to.

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