Positive Parenting Agreements

Positive Parenting Agreements

Positive Kids with a Positive Future

After separation, our views on what is in a child’s best interests should remain the same. After all, we still want to be able to give them the best opportunities possible to grow and develop into the best possible person.

Despite this divorce/separation usually ends up being a battle over who will get the kids and when. We tend to forget about their best interests and start focusing on ourselves by thinking

“how will I cope without seeing Johnny every morning”…
“if he has the kids less then I will get more child support”…
“he won't follow my way of parenting so there is no way we can do shared care”

IRONICALLY...It becomes the kids that DON'T get their needs met and it is generally because their parents are going through a crisis and might be struggling to meet their usual daily responsibilities as a parent during this emotional time.

It's not a battle to work out who will spend the most time with the kids and when. You can work it out together with some help & give kids a meaningful parental relationship with both of their parents (this is their birthright). Your kids need stability, financial security and LOVE in their daily routines - they don't need your conflict! They simply don't.

Emotional support for you is so important during divorce/separation, it allows you to clearly see and make child-focused decisions. Here at FEDOROV Family Lawyers, we offer a Divorce Coaching service to help you through your divorce/separation. We know that it can be like a roller coaster at times and someone to talk to can always help put you back on track when the wheels fall off.

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