Grandparents are increasingly finding themselves as the main care givers for their grandchildren. For many this is a rewarding experience, a time when bonds with those children deepen. What happens then, when these children are taken back by their parents? This is the heart-breaking experience for many.

Marie Fedorov, of Fedorov Family Lawyers, is seeing a increasing number of clients who are in these circumstances. She raised this recently in interview with LJ Charleston. The article Ms Charleston published is available at We'll include the link at the bottom of the article.

Family Law: Grandparents fight for custody

In the atricle, the author Ms Charleston, gives the example of Clair and John (not their real names) who had assumed custody of their daughter's children. Then the daughter returned and resumed custody of the children. They're heartbroken because they feel that these children have been torn away from them.

Our experience in our family law practice shows that this case is not an isolated example. As Marie says in the article, "Right now, 20 per cent of the cases I’m dealing with involve grandparents wanting access to grandkids."

This news is, by itself, sometimes welcome news for many grandparents. They're not alone. If you're a grandparent then let us reassure you, you have recourse through family law.

Marie Fedorov leant her experience to the article on grandparents family law

Grandparents Have Rights Under Family Law

Grandparents can follow the same processes that parents go through in a parenting proceedure. They can apply for access through the Federal Circuit Court. They can apply to have time specified for them to access their grandchildren.

Grandparents who follow the process through the Federal Circuit Court can be given documents that they can servce on their children. These documents will grant them time to spend with their grandchildren.

“Every situation is different and without expert advice and support, grandparents can be left feeling powerless.”

Getting Advice On Family Law

As Marie says in the article, it is important to seak expert advise. With 13 years in family law, Marie Fedorov is your local family law expert. Please call to arrange an appointment to address your concerns and know your rights under family law. Visit our contact page for details.

Please consider also, that in many circumstances, a mediated settlement is posisble. Family Mediation Station was set up to provide family mediation services. Their aim is to provide a cost-effective alternative to resolving family law conflicts through the courts.

‘Heartbroken’: Thousands of Australian families torn apart

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