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Why Divorce in a Day?

When a couple separate they often find themselves in dispute about where the children are going to live, how they will share the children over the Easter long weekend and who will drop the kids off and where not to mention who is going to keep what asset and pay what bill!

This often ends is arguments and even domestic violence and Court applications.

Separated couples end up paying tens of thousands of dollars to lawyers to fight for them. There are generally no winners as the process becomes lengthy, expensive and the judge ends up deciding the outcome and sometimes that outcome doesn’t work for the separated couple involved due to work reasons for example but they are stuck with it and have to make it work.

The average cost of divorce involving the Courts can be $40,000 through the conventional family law process.

There is a better way. Family Mediation Station’s Divorce in a Day process allows a separated couple to resolve and formalise their parenting and property disputes in just one day, for a fixed fee so that the couple can get their lives back as painlessly as possible.

The separated couple don’t need to be married they can be in a defacto relationship that has ended. They do need to be willing to try and work the disputes out at a mediation. They can be located anywhere in Australia as we have Nationally Accredited Mediators around the country and we book the Mediation in at a location that suits the couple. Skype is also an option.

Mediators are also well versed in reducing the emotional burden by taking you through decisions that you want to make.

So if you would like to resolve your parenting and/or property matters in one day for a fixed fee then our Divorce in a Day process is for you! Call us now on 1300 491 777 to book in your mediation and we will formally invite your partner for you.

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