Parenting Arrangements over the Holidays

Avoid the stress of who will spend time with the kids over the Christmas school holiday period.

Consider the following when looking at Christmas/holiday parenting arrangements:

  • That the Christmas school holidays are about 6 weeks long. Will you and your ex divide the holidays equally so that the children spend three consecutive weeks with each parent or week about? Consider what arrangement works best for the children.
  • How are the public holidays to be shared? Are the religious days important to you and or your ex?
  • Will one parent spend Christmas Eve and early Christmas morning with the children and the other parent from midday on Christmas Day until Boxing Day? When and where would drop off be most convenient on Christmas Day?
  • Does a parent wishes to travel overseas with children during the holiday season? Is the other parent going to agree to this?

We can help you get your parenting arrangements sorted for the upcoming Christmas holiday period however, with less than 5 weeks left until Christmas you better call us NOW on 1300 768 719 to book an appointment.

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