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family law


FEDOROV Family Lawyers are family and divorce lawyers who can help you out with a range of family or divorce matters.

wills estates

FEDOROV Family Lawyers can help you with wills, enduring powers of attorney and deceased estate administration.

FEDOROV Family Lawyers

FEDOROV Family Lawyers can help you mediate your dispute using Family Mediation Station’s Divorce in a Day service.

domestic violence

With all the attention domestic violence has been receiving in the media, there are a number of misconceptions about what exactly is considered domestic violence.

Why choose FEDOROV Family Lawyers?

Feeling stressed and anxious about the end of your relationship?

Feeling unsure about your financial security now that your relationship is ending?

Not sure if your children will be okay now that they don’t have their parents living together?


We know what to do.


Call FEDOROV Family Lawyers we will give you real family law advice that you can trust so that we can empower you to be able to make good decisions about your future. We are thought leaders in Family Law so we will help you get through this time in your life by thinking outside the box to help you achieve the best result for you so that you can enjoy the next chapter of your life.


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Positive outcomes with expert care

Positive outcomes with expert care


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What’s happening at FEDOROV Family Lawyers

  • Separating is never easy. Here at FEDOROV Family Lawyers, we understand that the process of separation can be overwhelming, lengthy and emotionally draining. That’s why we offer a unique service by way of Separation Support to our clients. What does the Separation Support Manager do?......

  • Living in a global pandemic is stressful enough until you add the conflict surrounding the COVID vaccination. With mortality rates increasing the world is becoming an overwhelming place and segregation is prominent when considering if your child should get vaccinated. Child immunisation is a difficult......

  • Matters involving family relationships can be very emotional and stressful. While small quarrels can be amicably solved outside the court, some need to be taken inside and fought. To effectively handle these matters, family laws are created. Since these cases involve family relations and children......