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Commercial Property Transactions

There are many factors to consider when buying a business, including the terms of the lease (if the premises are leased), your business structure (ie: will you operate as a partnership, trust, company or sole trader) and licensing requirements (if any).

For sellers, you need to get the contract right and ensuring that proper disclosures are made in respect of the business such as the registered business name, the lease, inventory etc.

You should always seek the assistance of professionals such as Accountants and Lawyers before your sign a contract to ensure that your rights are protected.

The success of any commercial enterprise starts by getting it right from the outset. The assistance of an experienced local Lawyer is worth it’s weight, in gold, in this regard.

The Lawyer can warn of hidden dangers and pitfalls - all of which only comes from years of experience helping novice and, sometimes not so novice Clients embarking on the road to investment and future financial security.

Matters such as using the correct entity e.g. Companies or Trusts as opposed to the individual can have significant and long term benefits.

Our Lawyers also have immediate access to experts to advise on Tax matters and Family Trusts. This will help create significant avenues for the division of income to take completely legitimate advantage of Australian Tax Laws.

A phone call is all that is needed for a time to have a chat to consider the possibilities. Call us on 1300 768 719 or send us an enquiry.

Contract Disputes

If you are unfortunate enough to become involved in a dispute over a Contract for property, the sale of an asset or for services, you certainly need the help of a professional to resolve the matter without it costing you a fortune. We can help you here.

The legal history books are full of cases where Contracts led to disputes and litigation followed. When the dust of the ensuing legal battle settled, the parties were left scratching their heads wondering who had won and who had lost.

The simple reality was that, because of the adversarial nature of the legal advisors to the parties - all of the participants lost, and lost heavily!

In hindsight, in a great percentage of those cases, the result could have been far more successful.

It all comes with selecting the most experienced, reality driven Lawyer – one who knows that the bottom line is the financial outcome for the Client.

That is precisely what we try to achieve at Fedorov Lawyers. Call us on 1300 768 719 or send us an enquiry to arrange for an appointment.

Joint Venture Agreements

These must be carefully and precisely documented to avoid nasty consequences down the track. Remember, success is always in the planning and preparation stages – get it right from the start. We are happy to assist.

Joint Venture Agreements are a wonderful way for two or more parties with the same goals to enter into business together in a completely structured way with the aim being, at the end of the day, that money is made and the parties are all happy with their individual outcome.

This only comes with careful discussion with the expert Lawyer whose job it will be to put in place proper documents which, not only, clearly spell out the duties and obligations of those concerned but which has precise triggers should things go wrong.

Those triggers will start a process which will resolve issues of dispute in a timely, reasonably inexpensive manner to prevent an escalation and waste of the parties money.

We, at Fedorov Lawyers, have many years of experience in dealing with these types of matters and we are at your service. Contact us on 1300 768 719 or send us an enquiry to arrange for an appointment.


The leasing of a business premises involves the negotiation of terms, preparation of the lease documentation, and registration of same.

We can advise you on the right type of lease for your business - Retail, Industrial, or General Tenancy. We will ensure that the Title is correct and look over the terms of the lease to ensure fairness.

For shopping centres and commercial office buildings, we provide a comprehensive service for both landlords and tenants. We have a detailed knowledge of the Retail Shop Leases Act and the operation of the Retail Shop Leases Tribunal.